A Visit of No Magnitude

Constructed empire of solitude, now an empty home, picture covered walls,

Momemtos of past moments, now so quiet and subdued. 

A dimly furnished room, reminders of childhood days now long gone.

Memorial rooms all about ghuosts, they make their way through the surrounding gloom. 

I have come to make my visit, returning to old times.

Conversations take me here and take me there. 

There is nothing wrong so please don’t ask “what is it?”

 He speaks words of criticism, framing careful opinions.

He’s knows them well, his view from behind that same old prism. 

This visit is an interruption of that solitude, a chance to shake off the dust and air out the house.

Carefully avoiding anything of any magnitude.

Old man look in my eyes and notice the reflection. 

Notice the image drawn there so close to your own complexion. 

You speak of gratitude, extended hand and slight grin.

I bite my tongue and do not reveal anything of any magnitude.

T.S. Deary 

Someone I Once Knew 

She can be found in numerous places always wearing beautiful faces. 

Well acquainted with the mirror but never able to see any clearer.

Touching to entwine her limbs, mouthing words to seductive hymns.

Lives a life enmeshed, never any impression that she is depressed.

Listen, she says “come with me”, think how majestic we will be! 

Then the vision grows faint, never allowing for any complaint.

Unalterable belief in her own worth, the golden child blessed from birth. 

Smiling portrait of self, masks carefully arranged on the shelf. 

Clever arguments and comments, portrait of torment.

Movements draw attention, her lifeblood is temptation. 

Confident charade, who in parade, storms along the dark horizon, tension rising.

She will drag you down and in that mess you will drown…..

T.S. Deary 

Being an Introvert

Many people have false ideas about what being an introvert is and why they act the way they do. Being a life long introvert I an personally attest to being the object of these miscomceptions. Many times a person’s perception of introverts are harmless and misguuided. Some say introverts are strange, weird, or shy. Those statements do not bother me despite their inaccuracy. Some say that introverts are rude, insensitive, arrogant or mean. Those statements are wildly inaccurate and very hurtful to me. I am not arrogant, rude, aloof or “anti – social.” I am quiet and prefer internal stimuli to external stimuli. I am perhaps overly sensitive but also have a deep compassion and empathy especially for children. I have given to numerous people, countless strangers, and family without fanfare for the simple reason that my conviction leads me too. I carefully consider who I allow into my life because I value genuine, deep and abiding friendships. My introverted nature is not a symptom of social anxiety and I am not afraid of people. I just prefer to be quiet and careful about who I open up to. I think much more than I speak. If someone were to get a conversation going on a topic I truly care about you may not be able to get me to stop! This is true for any typically perceived wall flower introvert. 

T.S. Deary 

Two Worlds 

The road rolls on in undulated hills,

all the way to the summer sun. 

dreamscape inspiration for when this day is done,

fading storms, their fury stills,

slow paced passion of sunsets,

this summer plays out in the passage of time,

this day like me is in its prime,

unwinding feeling, no regrets.
Mother cat and kittens,

playing in the tall grass,

they are acting out their day just as it written,

young girl herself growing watches them through the door of glass,

they don’t see her, her presence is well hidden,

these two worlds interact from the door of glass,

to their playground in the grass…..

T.S. Deary