Being an Introvert

Many people have false ideas about what being an introvert is and why they act the way they do. Being a life long introvert I an personally attest to being the object of these miscomceptions. Many times a person’s perception of introverts are harmless and misguuided. Some say introverts are strange, weird, or shy. Those statements do not bother me despite their inaccuracy. Some say that introverts are rude, insensitive, arrogant or mean. Those statements are wildly inaccurate and very hurtful to me. I am not arrogant, rude, aloof or “anti – social.” I am quiet and prefer internal stimuli to external stimuli. I am perhaps overly sensitive but also have a deep compassion and empathy especially for children. I have given to numerous people, countless strangers, and family without fanfare for the simple reason that my conviction leads me too. I carefully consider who I allow into my life because I value genuine, deep and abiding friendships. My introverted nature is not a symptom of social anxiety and I am not afraid of people. I just prefer to be quiet and careful about who I open up to. I think much more than I speak. If someone were to get a conversation going on a topic I truly care about you may not be able to get me to stop! This is true for any typically perceived wall flower introvert. 

T.S. Deary 

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