“Tell me teacher – how do I inherit eternal life?”

 ” How do I move beyond obsessions with this time and my internal strife? ”

The teacher – who had been looking down now looked up.

He spoke, gently, “Pour out your overflowing cup.”

 The man looked shocked and irritated.

 “What kind of nonsense is this being perpetrated?”

 He spoke with a sinking spirit for he was very wealthy.

His expression advised how he felt such a move to be most unhealthy.

 “Teacher” – he said, “I have kept all the commandments in my heart and in my head.”


 “I freely give to others from my daily bread.”

 ” I feel as though I have to.speak up, why must I empty my overflowing cup? ”

The teacher now broke his silence.

 To beg the young man in an unobtrusive manner and to correct his grievance,

He said,

 “Your wealth is a distraction,

over abundant satisfaction,

you have to.free your soul,

make God your never changing goal.

There is no man made thing ever enough to make you a king.”

 The needle’s eye,

heavenly sky,

money master,

dying faster,

young man bewildered,

fortune pilfered,

frowning face,

uncomfortable place.

He turned away from the teacher.

His gestures said he did not appreciate,

the words of this enigmatic preacher.

The teacher watched him leave then turned and said –

 “Whatever occupies your mind and heart will surely take the place of heaven’s part,

some have chosen to live with their treasures on earth,

never recognizing what their soul is worth,

wealth seven times seven,

sole focus disregarding the Kingdom of heaven.”


A Holiday Theme

Holidays have a lot of hellos and goodbyes attached.

Airport scenes.

Reunion dreams.

Long lost freinds – like no time had passed.

Driving around my childhood town with my brothers.

Saying hello to old freinds and goodbyes to others.

A summer’s disregard,

a forgotten Christmas card,

realization of ending youth,

regarding a new a solemn truth.

Reunion in the neighborhood,

past forgotten,

all is good,

on a frozen November night,

animated memories taking flight.
Moments captured in photographs,

rearranging the room and furniture,

capturing scenes like a visual autograph.

Frozen scenes,

reunion dreams,

holiday time,

emotional climb,

stories told and retold,

as we shivered in the cold.
We played songs about the way things once were.

In our minds and eyes many stories came and went,

this is how we keep the last alive,

make it shine, no blur.
 “It felt as if no time had passed but unfortunately time does not stand still…”

 (we all heard his voice and caught his spirit throughout the week.)

We have all caught his spirit all throughout this year.

Bittersweet tear.

Classic stories.

Former glories.

We remember him – how he was larger than life to us and heroic with his stories and sayings.

He is gone now,

he is not forgotten now,

he will never be forever.

These holiday scenes,

mental paintings of reunion dreams,

weaving a constant story telling theme.


11/25 – 11/30/18