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I have been a student of history my entire life. The process of studying the past fascinates me on multiple levels. I believe that understanding the past allows us to reliably and completely understand the present. I have been a student of the Holocaust for many years as well. While all historical events must be properly understood the Holocaust needs to be properly understood in a unique way. There needs to be a deep understanding because there are too many weak and ridiculous comparisons to the event. Like all history it is best to understand the Holocaust using primary sources and they are abundant in this area. Survivor testimony being very significant and abundant. I have been writing about this topic for a while but have shared very little of it out of an abundance of respect and an underlying desire to be accurate. I have a.couple of poems that I think have done a respectful and just portrayal of a sensitive topic. I would never dream of offending anyone associated with this. I have met many survivors as spoken with some but mostly I have listened to them. Their voices remain and the stories they tell are important and vital to humanity.



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