Talking to Statues

Ignorantia sit beatitudo

It’s like talking to statues all day,

betraying no emotion and seeking nothing other than the occupation of space.

Someone, someday, should tell them how difficult it is to stand in front of their unblinking eyes, trying to break through their ignorance.

Standing and staring at blind eyes, trying to get them to see and hardened hearts to feel, only to be met with stares and blank expressions from hardened, stunted souls.

Someday, maybe they will see,

that the earth does not revolve around them and that others have thoughts and expressions that are much more valid than what they dismiss on a daily basis,

much more valid than what they see on phone screens and the bag of weed they have hidden in their pants.

(all the while thinking they are so clever and free.)

Having been them before,

I think now,

I deserve better than these constant interruptions and mental games of avoidance.

Since no one listens,

we have all stopped speaking.

T.S. Deary

2/18 – 2/21/22