The loss of an old freind

Recently I learned of the death of someone I have not seen in quite a while. When I was a child we were extremely close and shared alot of great times centered around the pond behind his house. When I heard of his passing I immediately went to that place and it felt like I was there yesterday! I could hear us, I could see the scene, I could smell those summer days. Those were times that neither of us ever forgot and they are remembered in the bittersweet feeling of grief. I was sad that those scenes will never happen again but in was exceedingly glad that they were there to be remembered. Long ago I made peace with the inevitable appearance of death at some point. I live my life with faith and I have a strong and certain sense that death is not the end. Still, I was struck by how random the universe can be and how people can literally be here one day and gone the next. I know where he is now but a big part of me that wants him to be here now for the sake of his kids, his wife, his family and the memories we once made. 

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