She can be found in numerous places always wearing beautiful faces. 

Well acquainted with the mirror but never able to see any clearer.

Touching to entwine her limbs, mouthing words to seductive hymns.

Lives a life enmeshed, never any impression that she is depressed.

Listen, she says “come with me”, think how majestic we will be! 

Then the vision grows faint, never allowing for any complaint.

Unalterable belief in her own worth, the golden child blessed from birth. 

Smiling portrait of self, masks carefully arranged on the shelf. 

Clever arguments and comments, portrait of torment.

Movements draw attention, her lifeblood is temptation. 

Confident charade, who in parade, storms along the dark horizon, tension rising.

She will drag you down and in that mess you will drown…..

T.S. Deary