Phoenix Tale 

Jefferson was convinced that Burr was not a man to be trusted, the upcoming election could not have him in a prominent place and all Republicans agreed that the ticket would have to be adjusted.

Burr, once dropped by Jefferson, resolved to make his West, his scheming nature was planning something  big, grand and full of promise, those fast Spanish and Louisiana territories could be his own kingdom and in his mind his mission was most assuredly blessed. 

In the end, Burr, would be charged with treason and acquitted and Jefferson, far from defending him, would claim executive privilege.

I will raise a western army and form a separate government with myself at the helm.

I have met with Harman Blannerhassett whose land on the Ohio I will use as a base, he has provided men and supplies and now I will recruit volunteers, Mexicans and the support of important men.

Once conquered, this new republic will be my personal ruling realm, I will contact the Spanish minister and reveal my plans to him, plans to include capturing Washington D.C. 

Surely they will come along to protect their empire from American expansion?

the Spaniard gave Burr thousands of dollars and then sat back to wait and see.

By later in 1806 Burr was building an army and stashing them on Blannerhassett Island, Ohio’s governor grew suspicious and ordered the militia to strike.

Escaping with just one boat, Blannerhassett, sailed to meet up with Burr and together they sailed to a southern horizon. 

Trying to make it to New Orleans, to more troops supported by Mr. Wilkinson, would be Burr’s undoing and Wilkinson, convinced of treachery and failure revealed the plans to Jefferson.

Having no knowledge of  the betrayal Burr continued what he was doing.

By the second and third month of 1806 attorney Joseph Hamilton wrote to Jefferson about Bird’s plans.

At first Jefferson was inclined to dismiss the gossip as the fruit of politics .

Charges were sought and no indictment was returned it would take Bird’s correspondence, now in Jefferson’s hands, to provoke more interest.

Now that there was interest those letters would get an intensive scan!

Mr. Burr 

He’s a sly one that Mr. Burr!I

Conspiring and plotting ,

He has really drawn the line,

It’s up to me to stop him and to see how plans go rotting ,

Mr. Burr!
You are a traitor Mr. Burr!

You’ve really done it now! 

You’ve committed treason, 

I have the proof in hand, 

Mr. Burr!

You’ve committed treason, I say this not without good reason,

You’ve conspired to conquer parts unknown without the slightest bit of conscience and now your plans are blown,

Mr. Burr! 

I do not believe you,

Mr. Burr!

You are rotten to the core, 

You’re story is untrue,

You are the stuff of lore,

Mr. Burr!

Now that it’s uncovered ,

Your trial will commence,

And you will not be acquitted – Mr. Burr!
Acquitted (Burr’s Reaponse) 

You say I committed treason – well you know! You’ll have to prove it now!

You want me to ask for absolution – well you know! I have done nothing wrong! 

You ask me for a plea of guilty – well you know! I have a right to my defense!

But if you want a trial that’s just for show – all infant tell you brother is that the answer’s no! 

Don’t you know I’m gonna be – Acquitted!

You tell me you have the evidence – well you know I also have the same!

Don’t you know I’m gonna be – Acquitted! 
Phoenix Tale

It has been said that history is written by the winners but the words are often credited to its sinners.

Burr was the winner but remembered as the sinner.

As for treason, Burr would say he had his reasons and in the end he was acquitted, his accusers were outwitted!

Perhaps he is a Phoenix? 

Despite his power grabbing weakness? 

T.S. Deary

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