A Sense of Summer – Inspiration! 

I once heard a writer quote a poet saying: “My favorite drink is February.” Neil Peart used those words to describe his love of being in the mountains of Quebec during his favorite time of year. I love the reference! It implies something that is taken in completely, it is nourishing and comforting and something that gives pleasure and relief. I remember growing up in New England and being able to feel autumn coming. The season was so strong that it could be felt, taken in, drank with all senses, sight, smell, taste and touch. It was my “favorite drink.” Now living in Florida I have discovered the powerful arrival of summer. One has to live here for a while to see that there are in fact seasons here. They are much more subtle but they exist. Here, the most powerful and noticeable arrival is summer. This is what “A Sense of Summer”. It is about being able to experience the arrival of a season, to drink it in, to sense it with all the senses! 

T.S. Deary 


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