Mirror Talk 

What do you say now?

I have no words to throw out there in carefully considered sentences.

I have only memories of what was once real. 

Especially the night it all came to a sudden and brutal end.

I know it is done, finished, over but there remains the question of how? 

There was you, me and all of those pretenses.

I really no longer care to ask you how you feel.

Sometimes I read and correct all those letters I never got to send.

So then came the time you took your most grand and final bow.

I was left standing, holding onto myself and questioning my competence.

In order to survive I was reduced to mental games and finally, once convinced, to steal.

Left with nothing, no one would speak to me, no money to lend. 

Descended cuts of mental imagery with nighttime dreams split as if with a plow.

Now surrounded by those who turn their heels against me I am stuck in this ocean of mental incompetence.

I was once the king seated at the table and now my words are formed to begging for my next meal.

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