A Voice in the Wilderness

I have been hearing a lot about the horrible stories of abuse and cover up in the Roman Catholic Church and especially the latest reports out of Pennsylvania. I have dug deeply into that report and met with revulsion, horror and disgust at not only the acts of abuse it describes but also with rage at the fact that it was systematically covered up for decades by those in power. Covered up by men who are supposedly called by God to rule over the people of his Church! Their narcissism is overwhelming and their callous disregard for the souls that were murdered under their watch is repulsive! They have bowed to the letter of the law and crushed its heart! They are truly blind guides. There is honestly no justice and there is no amount of money that could ever give back what has been taken from thousands of young people whose souls have been murdered. Nothing! 

My response is coming soon. I have been carrying this rage and bewilderment around for years and the recent events from Pennsylvania have made it impossible to stay quiet. Silence has been maintained long enough! The truth will set them free. These monsters have been hidden too long and the truth of what they have done must be made public and never allowed to be forgotten. My response to this awful mess is called – “A Voice in the Wilderness”! I pray it does justice to this tragedy and is clear enough to be understood. There have been to many secrets and to much hurt. It is time to put it into some focus and call out those who have allowed this to happen. Bless you Father for you have sinned! God knows and his heart is broken!

The poem that I have written is lengthy and it will be posted in sections. 

T.S. Deary 

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