Meaghan’s Passion 

Everybody has two constant demands in their lives – shoulds and musts. Shoulds hold us from musts. Meaghan’s must is riding. Riding is her passion. Riding is when she feels most alive and passionate. For her this is what she has to do to feel complete and alive. Those who find their musts hold on to them and their lives are fuller and deeper and have more meaning. Shoulds have a time and place and will always make demands on our time. Become aware of the voice of your must! It will only make you happier. a teacher but I have to say that being a teacher is not my must. Being a teacher is not the sum total of my identity. If there ever came a time where I could no longer be a teacher then I am absolutely confident that I could and would continue 100% being exactly who I am. I am not what I do. I do what I am. My must is being a poet. My must is to read the great writings that the greatest writers have written and to try to create new poems that express the future and that may be read in the future. Either way I will write them and they will make me happy, full and alive and the words will live on long after I am gone.


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