The Lion

There are those who believe in their own righteousness as if they have never realized that a lion does not have to.go around telling anyone that they are a lion.

Some say yes to God then turn and do not do his will.

They walk with their heads held high ignoring all those whose gaze they should meet.

Never knowing it is their own soul they help to kill.

As if the forest full of trees is seen in a singular vision and no one remembers that each make up the whole.

Still they go about tieing up heavy burdens onto those they should help always careful to remind everyone that they themselves are the lions.

They never mention the dignity they stole.

When the lion walked among them they ignored him because he was gentle as a sheep. 

Instead of honoring him they led him to the slaughter carrying out their righteousness and denying him his.

Even his closest freinds had fallen asleep.

Then the Lion walked alone and far to a lonely and terrible place. 

A place where evil men took his life and never thought twice about it. 

He died with his blood upon his praying face.

(He opened not his mouth to roar.) 

They made the Lion bleed.

He opened not his mouth and and let his blood be spilled by their actions for the sins of mankind.

The Lion was killed and all abandoned him and ran away with great speed.

He was left cold and dead .

Among those who have tasted death and those who disregarded his words and actions saying …

 “No lion would die like that with a crown of thorns upon his head.”

 T.S. Deary 


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