Numquam Satis (Never Enough)

Step right up,

Step. right up!

Wait and see what we have in store.

Yacht club vacations and matching polo shirts,

pristine beaches and always cocktails to end the day.

(Only the finest cigars…)

Please, please look but don’t touch – you may wrinkle my shirt!

Aren’t I all you want to be?

Look, look and see…

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is the fairest one of all? 

Look, don’t touch, please…

I am meant to look good…always such a tease!

Don’t you see the picture?

Aren’t they grand, all those clowns in a circus that anyone would pay to see!

I am a traveler, are you jealous yet?

All those picture perfect landscapes and a great smile to go with it!

I was a soldier once and young,

I can speak more than one language, rolls right off my tounge.

My children are picture perfect.

Just look at the selfies, without blemish or defect.

I am not a  teacher, preacher,

I am much more than that, I am bigger, much better, a new type of creature!

I pay homage to self and all of what I have managed to do.

Always do more, more is better and better is more.

When I drink it is only the finest liquor,

mixed with water to make my own blood thicker.

Light up another cigar,

add to the image I project so far!

Those who look can see me coming,

listen closely and hear the music strumming!

I have the perfect family, the perfect life.

Everything I touch is gilded and well polished,

right down to my shoes,

stop by the mirror again – it never lies, perfect face, well groomed and an all around great guy.

(step right up, step right up…)

I.succeed without even trying and I have the selfies to prove it.

Just point the camera and smile, 

keep going, perfection may take a while…

Just ignore the clowns,

they are illusions,

I wear many crowns.

I always win.

Did I mention how I have managed to remain thin?

I am not of your world.

I inhabit my own and it is full of accomplishments great and small.

All of the accolades hang on my walls,

reflected n the gallery of selfies I share…

(“he is a rebel and a runner… “)

He is his own best witness,

he is his own Christmas card,

a caricature of himself.

He walks on stilts and thinks no one knows.

Trophy wife,

Fantasy life,

Barbie doll dreams,

Perfectly placed pant seams,

Perfect face,

State of grace…

Perfect life,

Trophy wife.

He has proof of his greatness,

documented in thousands of texts,

and all those one percenter friends.

See the worship in his eyes…” Just let me be one of them… ”

I remember your Harvard dreams now on ice along with Princeton and the rest of the Ivy League.

Once the lawyer,

now who knows what and still wandering and waiting…

Trophy life,

Perfect wife,

Trophy wife,

Perfect life.
T.S. Deary 


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