The high chimney – much higher than usual – perhaps to make What was done there disappear faster.

(no reminder for conscience to carry)

The building.- So non descript and ordinary – nothing to betray its true function.

(hidden and closed off to all prying eyes)

Today it is empty and sikent,

cold to the eyes,

windows to view and to contemplate,

(to remember or express disgust)

The effort is genuine but the results are vague at best,

clouds grey and thick,

they settle over as if a gathering storm of rage seeks to remind man of the presence of the Almighty,

the onlooker is left,

to ponder how this happened,

only mirrored by the gathering of clouds as if God is asking the same question himself? 

The chimney stands as a reminder of how the question needs to be asked and how it still remains unanswered to the satisfaction of those who ask it.

It remains,

to remind us,

to keep asking.

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