I saw a murder of crows gathering near the house this morning.

I.stood and watched them rising and circling around in acrobatic waves of flying and then landing. 

The casual disturbance of the morning quiet was unsettling and made my mind wander to other places, past times, and now, to the time still carried around me.

I thought of death but also of the deep.mystery of creation and the circle of life, now so, recently closed again. 

Then there was that intelligent design and the patterns of their movements to and fro, up and down and back and forth.

(there were so many but still each seemed to take their turn.) 

I was transfixed at how audacious they were, fearless and free, as if they gathered just to show off, flexible and adaptable, those little feathered tricksters and all that noisy mischief.

T.S. Deary  3/14/2020