My best memory is of the girl I sing about in Spanish.

I have not seen her in many years,

I had to leave her behind in Cuba ,

but I carry her in my eyes,

that is why they look so sad,

I sing about her in Spanish because that was how she spoke, in Spanish,

with a beautiful accent. 

 “That’s life, that’s just how it goes…!”

 Down and out,

her memory keeps me company and my song brings her close to me.

I also sing about my past,

about where I came from,

but I never sing about where I am now.

Singing gives me a break from.everything that tries to take what I have left.

(I.Remember with my eyes…) 

With my hands I move the songs along in order to feel more alive.

I am more than those was eyes,

I am a singer of songs, 

a keeper of the past,

my roots are strong, 

I am Fernando! 

T.S. Deary