The Righteous were not called

He did not come to be the social agenda man making all things good becasue of tolerance and hip, cool, sayings.

There is nothing to contradict or refute his teaching and it is up to us to remember what he did once we stop trying to turn heroes into heroes that they never were in the first place.

He called to repentance, not to moral independence.

He spoke of attaining forgiveness and to turn back to the Almighty, not adherence to crooked paths with hearts remaining untidy.

he did not reject the lowly ones who were rejected by everyone else, anyone who walked away after speaking to him were either relieved or ready to beat him with a leather belts.

He never kept a record of wrongs in the sense that he was out to avenge, some who heard him disagreed and later sought revenge.

Still, he pressed on with people who needed his message, now a good part of his message is blown apart as idiots sift through the wreckage.

All things are not moral and moral things are not all things.

Some actions move us away from God while others bring us closer, recognizing how wrong you are and seeking repentance is much more pleasing to God than celebrtating how righteous you are.

To sit in the back and adore the altarand to pray with your downcast eyes and to ask God for forgiveness has more meaning than all the sacramental prayers that with neither forward or dowencast eyes can see that God dwells into places we amy never know and whathe knows most of us have forgotten even inout best times.

The ways and means by which we approach God and all the riches that we take for granted contradict something that should be so simple.

Truth is not changeable by our opinion or an uncomfortable feeling caused by our inability to speak it.

No one is worthy,

change is needed by all,

what good is tolerance and making motions ot people who are incapable of seeing the truth,


was called out well before Jesus came and before he ever forgave anyone,

this was done to fullfill all righteousness,

so that we would know the road had become a dead end,

and that we would have the sense to turn around.

The righteous have no need for soul saving.

Their souls have already stated the claim that recognition of wrong is enough, God will always be on their side.

The advertise all the good they have done.

(only those other people need to turn around, their own ancetry will save themn by virtue of their birth.)

All those founding fathers that have come down from us from on high and from those Ivory Towers and the ones who choose to stay once they fell have learned a lesson that most will never get.

T.S. Deary

10/12 – 12/28/21

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