I see right through you,

deep within my vision,

I can see your invisibility,

and I know they are real.

Your lies untold…

I can see right through you,

and in between all the harsh words and the false bravado,

I know who you are…

Your face gives you away…

Your lies untold.

I can hear what you never say.

(it sounds like you are scared.)

All those words, like pointed arrows and fingers, always with three pointed back at you.

Lies untold…

Bless him Father for he has sinned…

Forgive him Father for he knows not what he has done.

(still he does it anyway.)

I can her what you don’t say.

I can see what you keep hidden.

(what you think you keep hidden.)

What you do behind closed doors and that you pray no one will ever know.

(your acting so tough is just a lie…)

T.S. Deary


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