Hiding in Plain Sight

I believe I cannot endure with all of this apathy I am confronted with, along with the blank stares and the complete disregard of courtesy.

The there is the complete diregard for anything that is not rechargeable.

Them, dressed and looking more like they are ready for bed rather than school, in their crocks and sweats,

sunglasses to hide reddened eyes and as a way to hide and to stay aweay from anything meaningful.

All caught up in bong resin and teenage, quickie sex, with cocky and overly confident smiles that betray how you really feel,

better, smarter and unstoppable and how you believe that you will never get older than what you are right now.

So strong and so skiny bit there is nothing between your ears, eyes closed and your chin upon your chest.

What do you have to look forward too?

do you know that all you currently hold dear is doomed to fade away and then to bloqw away like ash in the wind?

These day won’t last forver, indeed, I am here to tell you that these days will fade and disappearand then you will be right where you have said you would never be.

Maybe, before that time comes someone will teach you how to react to people in a way that does not make them want to smack you up the side of the head thereby closing your vulgar and ungrateful mouths.

Not everything you want can be gotten, plenty of important things happened before you even got here,

not everything is regulated by the internal thermometer that are your feelings, in fact there are plenty of times that they wont matter,

but by all means go on pretending that the world owes you, go on pretending that the sun is not the center of the universe,

the way you expect me to reveolve around all your desires and then you pretend that nothing has been given to you.

Hands out always,

taking and never giving,

always wanting to receive,

never giving back,

all that entitlement that drips from your self serving lips.

T.S. Deary

5/12 – 12/22/22

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