Lex Facit Regum

When the person who resides over the nation as chief executuve exhibits a long train of bizzare behavior and repeated insults to the will and security of the people it becomes necessary for the people to demand a redress of the grievances concerning the current President. We submit these facts for the consideration and on behalf of the Republic.

We hold this truth to be self evident, the current President of the Untied States is an incompetent fool who has engaged in the systematic destruction of the values of the Repub;lic and through a long train of abuses has shown that he is incapable of the job he holds. When one person becomes the instrument of the destruction of this well founded Republic it is the duty of citizens, as an expression of their ultimate soveriegnty, based on the rule of law to submit the facts to a candid world.

We wish to excercise the well established right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. This is the vehicle provided by the Founders as an expression that those elected are beholden to the people, the rule of law and that no one is enthroned absolutely.

He has completely compromsied the security of this nation by failing to secure the southern border.

He presided over and commanded a disastrous, shameful, hurried withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving Americans behind, emboldened our enemies, emasculated the Armed Forces and dishonored the sacrifice of thousands of the bravest Americans.

He has repeatedly denied knowledge of the business dealings of his son, engaged in a quid pro quo concerning the prosecution of his sons interests in Ukraine.

He has presided over the complete and total collapse of the life blood of the nations economy, oil, and in doing so, he has plunged this nation into an economic downturn not seen in forty years,

He has demonstrated repeated, personal space, violations toward women and children and has never been investigated for a credible claims of sexual assault and innapropriate conduct towards his own daughter.

He has made a series of bizzare, incoherent, and inflammatory statemetns that indicate an ongoing and alarming pattern of cognitive decline.

He has emasculated the military readiness of this nation by imposing an ideology of social justice and woke ideals that constitute a compromise of the military readiness of all branches of the armed forces.

He has selected a judge to sit on the Supreme Court based solely on gender and race and not on idelogy or fitness for office and in doing so he has disregarded the tenets of meritocracy.

He promised to unite the country but has only further divided it into increasingly extreme factions and has never attempted to compromise on the issues of energy, abortion, inflation, domestic oil production or election security.

He has never acknowledged his own acrimonious role in the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice.

He gave a speech, flanked by two Marines, villifying millions for not agreeing with him and then insisting that it was not a political speech.

He has increased the national debt, overstepped executive authority and cancelled legally contracted student loan debt without the input of Congress.

He has used the FBI to investigate and to implicate his chief political rival, in an ongoing, harassing and unnecessary political investigation unprecedented in American history.

He has steadfastly refused to address the concerns of millions about election security, his own legitimacy and passes over the fact that a large percentage of his own party never accepted the reults of the election of 2016.

His son has compromised the integrity of the office he holds and he continues to deny the reality of the infamous lap top containing videos and photos of his descent into drugs, prostitutes and various compromised and ongoing lies related to his business dealings.

He has as his Vice President, a Senator from California, assigned to deal with the crisis at the southern border. To this day she has never once visitied the border or even spoken in a serious manner about the serious and grave consequences of an unsecured border.

He himself has allowed the border on the southern portion of the United States to remain open and has never visited to see the results of his own disastrous policies.

He repeatedly blames his predecessor for problems and issues that he is responsible for and has never taken blame for the descent of this nation into undeniable chaos.

He has been the recipient fo an undeniable media bias, a supression of stories that portray him in an unflattering light and has never been held accountable for anything negative that is a result of his own misguided policies.

He has allowwed the Stategic Petroleum Reserve to plummet to a dangeroulsy low level further compromising the national security and economic independence of the Reublic he leads.

He has presided over an extensive crime wave in major American cities that has set new records for homicides, aggravated assaults and burglaries.

He has cancelled, with tyrannical indifference to the consequnces of his actions, a pipeline of vital economic importance for energy, into the U.S. and has given his approval for a pipeline to a nation hostile to the United States.

The people of the United States, in keeping with the established Republican and Democratic ideals, their rights enshrined and duly excercised by citizens as expressed in the Bill of Rights and made sacrosanct by the Almighty and aware of the dwindling repsect for their Republic ask and wait for a redress of the listed grievances. The target of this petition is the current administration and is one of our sacred God given rights. We ask for change and we remind the government of where their power comes from.

T. S. Deary – American Citizen

10/1 – 12/22/22

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