All of this, of course is for Democracy, 
so the masses must obey and bow to the newly established aristocracy,
all of them now baptized in the waters of hypocrisy.

Nothing to see here,
nothing to see!

We will get the numbers out as soon as we finish counting,
meanwhile, the tension and skepticism are mounting.

All of these delays and speculation,
waiting for the official counts and totals, some form of democratic consecration,
all opposition denounced, furhtering degredation.

cannot question what the count reveals!

cannot ask questions of the one's who are elected!
cannot questiopn why the defeated ones lost!

If you do then you are a denier,
worse than any other form of liar.

Don't you know?
All the blame is on those who worshipped at the altar of extremism.
Deniers are now christened, branded as the newest form of atheism.

"Democracy" is a new form of monotheism.

Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs,
one portrayed as fake,
the other added to the list of the latest Democratic heart throbs,
Fetterman, Wornock, AOC, all shepards to this clueless flock.

Nothing to see here,
nothing to see!
We are counting votes steadily,
instead of reaching conclusions,
all their time is spent perpetuating delusions.

T.S. Deary
11/22 - 01/23

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