Resistance breaking down, the sun begins to fall beyond the darkening, upper horizon, with dark blue and black filling in from the top, a descending dark blue crown.

Black descends against the light blue, dark except for a shaft of that external rising, man and eternal meet in a trance of color, lessons taught and learned, eternal design, surprising. 

The warm sun descends as if I’m command from an invisible voice, lingering shafts of yellow mingle with eternal blue, earthly brilliance, creations network of force, tapestry for the consequences of choice. 

The white plume, an artificial show of some man made synthesis, rising with possible negativity but unkown all the same.

Rising high into the infinity as if seeking an answer to an overwhelming question or to rise to the darkest blue, not yet black and endless infinite game.

Then comes the stone chimney clouds into blue infinity, not mistaken for some form of divinity, until mourning comes and the dark blue dome sets new colors free…..
T.S. Deary 

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