Ocean Views

” Consider all this: and then turn to this green and most docile earth: consider them both: and do you not find a strange analogy to something in yourself? ” Herman Melville
Winter is the best time to visit the pier. 

Facing south and east it stands fixed and has no defense against the bitter winds. It is a vantage point for the steel blue and endless ocean that stretches out under the winter welcome sky.

From the Cliff Walk the contrast between mansion views and ocean swells is most remarkable. They summer storm threw its winds against the rocks breaking its waves as if to welcome the encore of clouds building to the west. 

The endless ocean tides continued to rise and fall against the stagnant glory of the mansion backdrop, opulence untouched as the rain began again.

One Easter at New Smyrna there were surfers catching waves against a sunset backdrop, waves were crashing in continuous motion, sunset and moon rising into another evening that gives birth to another day…..

T.S. Deary

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