It was windy all afternoon with clouds building in from the West.

(a warm wind, almost a summer wind, strong and unyielding)

It rained over night, the wind never really died down, making ripples in the standing puddles,

the branches, swaying in the wind, showed the underside of leaves and delicate flowers.

Years ago I went to Breton Point in Newport to fly a kite in the wind, coming off the ocean, strong, almost angry as if sent off the ocean to prove its prowess and force. 

I thought the thin kite string would break  and then the kite would break off and crash into the ocean.

Then I thought maybe it would lift me off of the ground to fly away and for a brief time to have my own powerful show to contrast against the night and power of the tide and atmosphere and wind. 

One Christmas I went with my grandfather to his house and as we stood on the porch the wind blew strong and cold as he put his key in the lock to open the front door, the warmth of the house was inviting and the wind rattled the old windows in their frames.

Out on Nooseneck Hill Road on the day of the funeral the wind was blowing stronger than on any day in recent memory.

We laid him to rest in the cold and wind.

T.S. Deary 

2/7 – 2/20/2020

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