(For Katelyn):

She has met them singing each to each at day and at sunset all along the beach.

She has seen them singing as she plays in the sand.

All harmonies and melodies, spread out across that magical ocean land. 

She has seen them in the deep.end of the swimming pool, eyes closed tight, lost in imagination, stories taking flight.

Then comes the nighttime dreams, stories told in mental realms.

Dreams of aquatic places and sailors steering helms. 

Then comes the dawn and she is busy telling stories with the innocence of a fawn,

of seeing mermaids and of those dreamy pictures drawn. 

She spreads joy with hand drawn hearts, 

bright and handed out to strangers,

all in equal, heartfelt parts.

I have seen her sitting in the corner of her room,

playing quietly,

spinning tales and stories with imagination so rapidly.

making dolls squeak and lay in carefully surrounded places and in quiet love.

She is gentle, quiet and observant, words peacefu, like a dove.

She plays and the day goes by,

the sun setting further and further all along the way it always has until it is time for dreams to begin again and again. 

Then those sleepy mermaids will swim.across the dreamy sky. 

I could never have dreamed of you better than you are today and what you were then, or the canvas you have painted, 

so real and alive,

the way it calls me back, the sweetest reality.

(mermaids, I know, are very.real)

Gift of heaven,

sent to make me complete,

a reminder that love is not love until it is given away again and again and again…..
T.S. Deary 

28 February 2019 

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