Pictures Assembled From Memory III

for Maura…

So much was born from the way he sat at the head of the table with Maura’s chair close by.

(his hair growing whiter and whiter as the years went by.)

I remember how the words filled the space between himself and the child as if there was an invisible bridge between those generations.

(easily remembered origins that we all took part in over the years.)

So much has been built upon the way he sat at the head of that table telling stories, spanning generations.

(we were lucky for the times we shared and for the extensions of those times and all those echoes of laughter.

so much was learned by watching him and how he could hold Maura’s attention with hos facial expressions and gestures and how she was drawn to him and still carries hois presence in smiles and drying tears.

So much remains to be seen and remembered and reminded nd that even though the past becomes present and present becomes past, the future moments only disappear if we fail to remember how much we have and in the moments passing we forget to see what once filled that space between his chairs and hers.

T.S. Deary – P.A.F.M

6/7/21 – 7/3/21

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