The Laments

Lament #1

My God, my God, why does she hate me?

Why does she slam the door of her heart and give me no reply when I plead?

You have always answered my prayers and poured your blessings down over me, in my darkest hours you have always answered me.

You have raised me from the pit of despair and placed me high upon your mountain.

Yet, my heart is torn in two!

My daughter has disowned me and she acts as if i am no one.

She swears that I am no one to her and she moves about to ignore me, she makes rude and disrespectful comments under her breath,

she bites my tongue with disdain and my heart is broken all to pieces.

I confess to you my God that I know what part O have played in this and I beg for forgiveness.

My anger and impatience has added to this and only you can forgive and heal.

Lord, heal me and grant me your pardon and peace.

Send me my daughter back and heal my broken heart, send hte gems of my broken crown back to sit upon my head and let her be the brightest gem of all.

You, Lord are enthroned on high and can do all things.

I trust in You, the great I AM.

You brought your servant back to life and you are holy forever.

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