The Penitentials

Penitential #1

Lord, the God of my Fathers and of heaven and earth.

I am a desolate man, I hang my head in shame and despair.

The enemy gloats over me and holds my past up to my conscience, whispering that I can never change.

Hace mercy on me O Lord for I have sinned against you with my mouth and with my thoughts and there is nothing I deserve more than for you to turn your face away from me.

I am the most wrertched of men.

My dreams have escaped from me because I have offended you.

My rage and anger have hurt the ones I love and now they turn their backs on me.

My children have slammed doors on me,

Once, I was held in high esteem and now I am a nobody.

My bleasings have turned against me.

Lord, turn your heart to you and my gaze to heaven.

Heal my heart and bring me back to the joy of love and esteem.

Let me hear my daughter laugh and call me in her sweet voice once again.

Let the heart that you have allowed to burst with hurt be filled with joy and happy again.

Turn my heart from rage and my life will know peace again, fill my hear with peace and my life will be used to glorify you Oh Lord!

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