I noticed the moon, the harvest moon, hanging in the sky right before sunrise.

The rising sunbravely illuminating the hay field still waiting to be cut and bailed.

The scene unfolded as I drove by and was burned into my mind.

Aiden asked me if I noticed the moon with his voice registering surprise.

So huge, its’ majesty unvieled.

Driving, we both remarked on its’ perfect circular shape, taking it in between us, this magical, celestial find.

The scene was so perfect that we wanted to stop and take a picture but decided that would be unwise.

If we kept the scene alive and in turn just between us, then the memory made would follow us forever, unlike the dimming moon, never becoming paled.

Moving on we left the scene behind.

All day long I thought of what we saw and reflected on the way time flies.

And how time holds us as if jailed.

We each return to where we came from, young and old in kind.

T.S. Deary

P.A.F.M. 10/31 – 12/21/21

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