The Way of Introverts

Maybe you should not talk about your party in front of the person no one bothered to invite.
I learned not to exclude people in that way very early and I thought everyone did the same?

I have been proven wrong and it upset me for about five seconds,
about the time it took me ot realize that I dont want to hang out with any of you any way.

I wonder if any of them understand the way of introverts?
The way we are so quiet.
(how that unsettles people.)
How the mistake of others is that they think we don't notice.
(we always do.)

This explains the intensity of the reactions that you get from us,
almost never a verbal repsonse,
just a definite difference in how our energy reacts to you,
(if you spent five seconds listening instead of posting selfies, you might get it.)
It is not fear, avoidance or shyness but it is disdain.
mostly because you thought we did not notice.

We always notice,
those shifts in your energy,
the comments you thought went unheard,
they were heard and analyzed and they will be used against you,
(indeed, they will be held against you.)

We laugh at you,
because you think we miss the party invite,
what we miss is foreign to you,
genuine connection keeps us alive,
parties and selfies are your domain,
not ours.

T. S. Deary

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