Ash Wednesday

Because I cae from dust, 
to dust I shall return,
if not for the mercy of God,
and the atonement of the Son.

I believe,
not out of fear,
butout of a desire to be more.

Becasue he knew the Father all along and from the Father he came,
to the Father He went,
fully aware adn fully accepting all the Father asked of Him.

Because I want to remain in the Light,
because I sometimes turn to the darkness,
and because God shows mercy and also calls for repentance,
and to die to the world and to become what he made me to be.

Christ has died.
Christ has Risen!
Christ will come again.

Call me a hypocrite.
Call me a fool.
Christ calls me too and he still calls you.

Here I am now,
here He is too,
alive and fully real,
denial changes nothing,
for you too copme from dust and to dust you shall return,
between the spoken word adn the act is the truth,
denial of the truth is no way to live,
live fully,
not dying forever,
all about self,
betraying all that could be,
(thirty pieces of silver.)

Turn around,
trun around and see,
turn around and believe,
that voice still cries in the desert,
the day of the Lord is at hand,
turn back to God even though you have laughed and turned your back in the past,
(crucify him...We have no KIng but Caesar!)

No, not me, not by far.
No, not me, not by any measure, am I the one who knows it all,
nor do I have nothing to repent from.

I am healed.
He is not dead.
He is not for sale.
He cannot be bought,
everything is paid.

He was not alone when the Spirit led him into the desert.
He was not alone when he was tempted to give in.

He did not turn the stones into bread.
(He could have.)
He did not worship power or dark desires.
(He refused to give in.)

He chose not to live by bread alone.
He chose to worship God and God alone.

Before he said anything else, He said, "Repent!"
He still says, "Repent!"
The Kingdom of Heaven is still at hand!
Coming closer and closer,
asking to be seen and embraced.

T.S. Deary
2/22 - 2/23/23

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